Conference Organisers is a conference management company, based in Dublin. We specialise in organising conferences, meetings and workshops, both in Ireland and internationally.

As a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), we will manage all the organisational and administration aspects of your event, so you can maximise networking opportunities and get every bit as much out of your event as your attendees do.

If your event is any way conference related, we can look after it. From scientific, technical and educational conferences, to medical meetings, to association conferences and events, our experienced conference management and event organisation teams can assist you in every step of the planning.

We look forward to doing business with you! 

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Advocacy Workshop Rome October 2010

Advocacy Workshop Rome

International Society for Environmental Epidemiology, UCD

Dr Chaosheng Zhang , Chair SESEH 2012 with Conference Organisers at NUI Galway

I first saw Conference Organiser's work at another conference and was blown away by the organization and professionalism. On that occasion I contacted the registration desk and asked for the organizer to contact me. Since then we have worked on two major projects, international conferences with niche appeal. I have found Conference Organisers to be excellent: the team always follow up, never lose patience, do everything on time and professionally they have supported every need and have come up with some great ideas that will lead to an innovative and enjoyable conference for all that attend. Their connections and knowledge of the area are excellent. I will definitely be using Conference Organisers again.

- Dr Mark McEntee, School of Medicine and Medical Science, University College Dublin